Regenerative Land Management

Only a few decades ago, streams flowed in Southern Portugal all year round. Nowadays they swell only during the rainy season and afterwards become dry again leading to ecosystem degradation, a situation that can be found worldwide. How can we take action to help regenerate such wounded landscapes?

One of Casa dos Sonhos’s approaches to this question lies in the movement of water. In order for regeneration to happen, rainwater must be allowed to slow down, penetrate and sink into the soil. Water bodies are designed to allow water to move in its natural meandering way. Deeply nourished ground is home for trees, bushes, small and bigger creatures that in turn nourish back the soil and bring about more life.

Through our Regenerative Land Management work, we look deeply into the specific needs of each land – such as location, climate and shape – to design effective solutions for rainwater to be absorbed into the body of the earth, and biodiversity and ecosystems to be restored.

Casa dos Sonhos’ team of compassionate and experienced workers employ a wide array of technical solutions to regenerate landscapes suited specifically to the needs of each plot of land. Solutions can range from check dams, swales, terraces and deep ploughing along the keylines, to land stewardship such as reforestation, organic farming and holistic pasture management.

Regenerative Land Management lies in the very heart of Casa dos Sonhos’ dream, giving mother nature the proper conditions to express her abundant self.

Bernd Walter Mueller

The leader of our Water Management consultancy team is a nature researcher and international ecological consultant with decades of experience in water management and ecosystem regeneration.

After dropping his engineering studies, Bernd moved in 1989 to the south of Spain to manage an organic farm in the Sierra Nevada area. It was in that landscape populated by olive trees against the mountain background that he found calmness to observe natural processes and discover intuitive ways of cooperating with water, plants and animals.

In 2006 he became a member of the Tamera community, in South Portugal. Under the guidance of the Austrian permaculture specialist and rebel farmer Sepp Holzer, Bernd helped to create Tamera’s Water Retention Landscape (2007) and became part of the engineering team that later turned into Tamera’s Global Ecology Institute.

Since 2018 Bernd has been living and working with regenerative water management projects in Arrabacinha.

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