Future projects

These are a few directions in which the large dream of Casa dos Sonhos is likely to unfold.


Regeneration is a word that lies in the core of every activity, service and product of Casa dos Sonhos. A few ecosystem regeneration projects have been put into place in our four locations, with great results.
As the green starts being restored to previously damaged areas, the following question arises: what about the fauna?

Reintroducing native animal species such as deer is a further step we envisage to take as our regeneration projects mature, so that the full range of Alentejo’s natural gifts can be seen in its full potential again.

Plastic recycling

Reduce plastic usage drastically. Recycle ideally 100% of our plastic containers. Create processes to follow up our actual usage of packaging.

In this challenging future project dedicated to Plastic Recycling, we aim at looking closely at those topics and make practical improvements in the way we deal with plastic in Casa dos Sonhos. Would you like to contribute?

Hemp production

Hemp is a resistant, ecological and versatile material that can be used in a wide variety of products, from clothes to cosmetic lotions. Houses made of “hemp-crete ” – hemp made bricks – are known for their breathability and thermal properties.

By engaging in the production of hemp, we wish to make the full potential of hemp available locally. We see hemp production as an important contribution from Casa dos Sonhos towards the creation of a sustainable regenerative system in our region.


A center for local craft to be produced and seen: in Casa dos Sonhos, we believe that the richness of a community is reflected in their cultural artefacts. Weaving baskets and bulding traditional instruments are some of the many crafts that we would like to see thrive..

It is a statement of our love for South Portugal’s heritage.


A lot of our everyday needs depend on the knowledge of dealing with metal. Blacksmithing is one of the ancient handcrafts that unite practical knowledge about working with metal and art. Building high quality tools, knives and axes, a blacksmith workshop goes in line with Casa dos Sonhos’ aspiration to bring self-sufficiency and autonomy to the local community.


In the last few years a wave of people from all over the world has been attracted to the peace and quiet of Alentejo. In many ways, our region has become a magnet for those who look for alternative and sustainable ways of living. Nowadays our community is gifted with talented musicians, painters, film makers, illustrators…

Casa dos Sonhos’ atelier is conceived as a meeting point where artists from the area can get in touch with one another, collaborate and promote the various artistic expressions that are currently being created locally.

Dreams – wilderness whispers – are closer to reality than you might believe.

~ Fabian Deppner


Care for the body is a need for everyone – not only for a few. Casa dos Sonhos Gym is a gift for the community. More than a fitness centre, our vision is to encourage everyone – teenagers, masons, farmers, office workers – to honour and strengthen their bodies.

The Gym will be located at Quinta do Coito Grande, in the outskirts of the village of Colos.


We want to foster local production to improve local self-sufficiency and economic autonomy. Wool is one of the products that are currently massively underrated and undervalued, yet produced in big quantities in this area. We aim to create a workshop where wool can be processed and products are created that honour and give real value again to this gift of the animals. In this spirit, we welcome textile production as a future unfolding of Casa dos Sonhos dream.


A functional workshop with a ceramic kiln where potters can fire clay, children can learn pottery and artists can collaborate – that is one of Casa dos Sonhos dreams to unfold in our location at Quinta do Coito Grande.

Get involved

Are you up to realize your dream and be part in the co-creation of Casa dos Sonhos’ regenerative vision?

There are a few different ways to get involved.

Services & Activities

The services and activities that we offer at Casa dos Sonhos have been carefully designed to create safe spaces to get in touch with your full potential and to enhance regeneration of our local community and environment. We believe that internal healing goes hand in hand with outer healing and loving care for all that surrounds us.

Would you like to share in this dream with us?