Carefully crafted by nature’s abundance

Olives & oil

Most of the organic olives produced in Casa dos Sonhos come from Arrabacinha – a parcel of land where centenary and young olive trees transform 16 hectare of hillsides into a greyish-green natural canvas. The planned renovation of the ancient mill in the near future will allow us to expand our production while giving the opportunity for local producers to press their own olive oil.

Casa dos Sonhos’ first property was Arrabacinha. It carries the spirit of the olive tree – a firm and slow-growing plant deeply intertwined with human culture.


Cork is a versatile material appreciated worldwide for its thermal and acoustic properties. In our oak forest, cork is harvested by skilled workers whose knowledge on cork farming has passed from generation to generation according to the traditions of South Portugal. With precision and respect for nature, a few incisions are made in the trunk of the oak tree so that chunky planks of cork can be extracted at once without harming the tree itself. We are also considering the climate each year and do not harvest in years of strong drought. The bark regenerates itself completely after a few years and no tree is felled during the process.

Casa dos Sonhos’ newest location, Vimiero is a lush piece of land perfectly symbolised by the image of abundant flowing water. The largest of all of our branches has untouched potential for new dreams to take shape.


Casa dos Sonhos’ medronho distillery in Monte Novo da Serra looks towards the fierce rocky mountains of Monchique and has been active for over 100 years already. Made from hand-picked wild medronho berries, copper distilled in fire and aged in barrels, our brandy is all about quality: a soulful liquor that honours the spirit and traditions of South Portugal and its cultural heritage, dating back to Moorish times.

Monte Novo da Serra embodies the strength of the medronho tree. Closer to the coast and to the rocky Monchique mountains, this unique location is also home to our distillery.


Colourful gardens are an integral part of Casa dos Sonhos landscape in the locations of Arrabacinha, Monte Novo da Serra and Quinta do Coito Grande. The gardens are independently run by local farmers who use their knowledge and love for the land to supply high quality vegetables for the community. Regional, seasonal, organic: the veggies coming from Casa dos Sonhos’ gardens are a celebration of mother nature’s abundant generosity.

If you wish to know more about our gardens, please contact Nuno: +351 918249572.

Land meets town in the most urban of our locations. A hub for the local community around the village of Colos, Quinta do Coito Grande offers a wide range of services and activities in a landscape overseeing the great plains of the Alentejo.

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