Committed to listen to the voice of Nature


Casa dos Sonhos’ first property was Arrabacinha. It carries the spirit of the olive tree – a firm and slow-growing plant deeply intertwined with human culture.

Quinta do Coito Grande

Land meets town in the most urban of our locations. A hub for the local community around the village of Colos, Quinta do Coito Grande offers a wide range of services and activities in a landscape overseeing the great plains of the Alentejo.

Monte Novo da Serra

Monte Novo da Serra embodies the strength of the medronho tree. Closer to the coast and to the rocky Monchique mountains, this unique location is also home to our distillery.


Casa dos Sonhos’ newest location, Vimiero is a lush piece of land perfectly symbolised by the image of abundant flowing water. The largest of all of our branches has untouched potential for new dreams to take shape.

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