Arrabacinha is a place that breathes local history. In the past, this ranging 76 hectare-property located between the villages of Colos and Reliquias used to be an active farm where many families lived and worked. Stone walls, centenary olive trees and wells coexist side by side with open terraces where we are currently working to bring back to life the organic olive oil and vegetable production that took place here in the past.

Cork oaks – “Sobreiros” – are a true symbol of South Portugal. Most of our cork is harvested in Arrabacinha grounds. Among the trees of the native forest and the orange orchard, horses live freely and humans are invited to learn from their wisdom through our Horse Listening activity.

Arrabacinha is part of our large scale regenerative land management project. The area belongs to the Vale da Gema – a valley – and its landscape lies against a mountain ridge at the very top of the Sado river catchment. Its position makes it an ideal location for experimenting and implementing regenerative water and land management. Tubing systems inspired by Viktor Schauberger, rain water retention measures, and large scale ecosystem restoration all aiming at restoring the natural water cycles.

The human history of Alentejo blends with Alentejo’s natural world here in Arrabacinha.

Colos, Portugal

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