Monte Novo da Serra

Located near the coastal city of Aljezur, the rolling landscape of Monte Novo da Serra leans on the foothills of the Monchique mountains. Its wild and rocky terrain hosts a pine forest and a grove of native medronhos – Arbutus Unedo, a vibrant-green tree that grows in the rough terrains of rural Portugal.

Monte Novo da Serra is home to our distillery. For over 100 years, locals have used these grounds to make their own medronho brandy from the wild orange-reddish berry that grows abundantly on the land.

We embraced the already existing distillery with Casa dos Sonhos’ regenerative approach. From the attention given to the medronho trees all the way through the precise distillation process and careful ageing of our bottles, we honor local tradition by producing the highest quality version of this drink so deeply woven in the social fabric of South Portugal.

This location is also part of our regenerative land management project and as such it hosts organic gardens, rain water retention measures and our tree house project – an ecologically-built lodging initiative that integrates construction with nature. If you would like to get involved in the activities of Monte Novo da Serra more closely, check out our volunteering program here.

Monte Novo da Serra
Aljezur, Portugal

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