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An offering to discover your highest potential

Wellness Center

More time for wellness, less time for illness. With its portfolio of yoga classes, ayurvedic consultancy and a wide variety of alternative treatments, our beautiful space located in the small village of Colos is a temple of well-being and self care open to the local community.

Food Hub

Organic shop & café, place of encounters and a nourishment center for the community. Discover our colorful selection of high quality goods and locally sourced products at Gaia, the regenerative food hub of Casa dos Sonhos.

Horse listening

Horse Listening is a transformative experience that can put us in touch with our inner gifts. Let our experienced guide take you through a healing and empowering journey alongside these wise beings.


Gratitude and respect for wood. In this spirit, the pool of carpenters based at Casa dos Sonhos Carpentry Workshop does its best to build your furniture and lodging according to high standards of sustainability.

Regenerative Land management

We look deeply into the specific needs of each land – such as location, climate and shape – to design effective solutions for rainwater to be absorbed back into the body of the earth.


Plots of land are small worlds in themselves: they have their own shape, location, history. Our Regenerative System Management consultants’ mission is to find the best way to regenerate your piece of land and to unfold its highest potential in harmony with the cycles of nature.

Co-housing & rental homes

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Are you up to realize your dream and be part in the co-creation of Casa dos Sonhos’ regenerative vision?

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