Gaia Food Hub & Café

Gaia Food Hub

Welcome to Gaia. Our food hub is named after the mother of all life, the Greek goddess of Earth.

In our shop & café you will find high quality organic goods and a wide variety of locally sourced products such as dried figs, quinoa, buckwheat and almonds. Gaia is a place of nourishment filled with the regenerative spirit of Casa dos Sonhos. Each item you see here has been carefully selected to strengthen the capacity to produce and trade food within our community.

A wholesome feeling pervades the entire shop. Bright sunlight coming from the fields of cork oaks shine through large windows on beautifully wood crafted furniture. Behind the shelves, our transformation kitchen is equipped to produce organically processed goods – sauces, creams and spreads from the raw fruits of nature.

Gaia is the perfect place to discover the abundance of Portugal shaped as food. Come visit us:

Opening times:
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9.30am – 4pm

Quinta do Coito Grande
7630-291 – Colos, Portugal
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Cooperativa da Terra

Gaia Food hub is associated with Cooperativa da Terra – a cooperative enterprise created to support local producers and small businesses through a circular economy. For more information about Cooperativa da Terra activities, check the website:

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Services & Activities

The services and activities that we offer at Casa dos Sonhos have been carefully designed to create safe spaces to get in touch with your full potential and to enhance regeneration of our local community and environment. We believe that internal healing goes hand in hand with outer healing and loving care for all that surrounds us.

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Future projects

These are a few directions in which the large dream of Casa dos Sonhos is likely to unfold.