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Are you up to realise your dream and be part in the co-creation of Casa dos Sonhos’ regenerative vision? If you are self-sufficient, rooted in the region, ready for long term commitments and able to take on responsibility, contact us here.

We are not looking to hire people, we are interested in building long lasting partnerships in manifesting the goals of Casa dos Sonhos. Please specify how you want to get involved, meaning in which of the existing or future projects you want to contribute. Beyond this, if you have projects and dreams that you want to bring into reality, contact us if they are in alignment with our goals and principles.

The more specific you are, the more direct and specific we can respond.
If it inspires you, feel free to answer the following questions so we can get to know you a little bit more already:

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    Services & Activities

    The services and activities that we offer at Casa dos Sonhos have been carefully designed to create safe spaces to get in touch with your full potential and to enhance regeneration of our local community and environment. We believe that internal healing goes hand in hand with outer healing and loving care for all that surrounds us.

    Would you like to share in this dream with us?

    Future projects

    These are a few directions in which the large dream of Casa dos Sonhos is likely to unfold.